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We are starting an ecological egg farm in the Makhmur refugee camp in Southern Kurdistan, the village where democratic confederalism started. It will be powered by solar energy, and run by a co-operative. It will accept FairCoin, and 1/4 of the benefits will be used to start new co-ops in the area.

In order to make it possible we need people to buy shares. Would you like to join us?

Kanî Xezal - Natural egg production

We present this project as BaŞûr Local Node. In line with the FairCoop's principles and perspectives, we act to develop our own self and local economy. According to our research and according to the geographical conditions we are in, and at the same time we consider political and military instability, long term and very costly projects in this region are very difficult. So we chose one for the most suitable ones and we want to start with it.


The Makhmur refugee camp which Bashur LN is based in was formed in 1998 and is located in Southern Kurdistan on the 36th parallel, between the Mosul, Kirkuk and Irbil triangles. The population is more than 13000. Before this, the people had to change 5 more camps due to war conditions. The main immigration has been forced to abandon their homeland in 1994 due to the political and cultural repression of the Turkish state. These peoples and Mahmur camp was recognized by the United Nations as political refugees on 1994. For all these years, it has maintained this identity under all conditions of war, and today it has also developed their own autonomous education system. In the world we are as Kurdish potential that teaches and sees the first Latin Kurdish language.

The camp is based on the ideological line developed by Abdullah ÖCALAN in terms of political identity and based on federalism, confederalism, autonomy rights, autonomous economy, forms of local government, women's rights, free women perspectives and models. It has three main forms: Cooperative, Academy and Commune. Mahmur has also developed on these subjects and has especially expanded itself in academia and commune.

One main element that is expected to develop is the cooperative system. Despite some experience, this subject has not achieved the desired goal. The main reason for this is the economic crisis, political crisis and turbulent terrorism that exist in the region. Nevertheless, we insist on improving the cooperative system and strive to achieve it. Because we do not believe in a state and system and we are opposed to everything being in the hegemony. This is both a moral and political stance and a lifestyle. Because the people here are refugees, their economic status is not at the desired level. Sometimes a small fund cannot be obtained even for the smallest project. Therefore, the local economy does not gain power and speed in the autonomous economy. You may already know the situation in Iraq. Witnesses need to talk about management. This issue does not have the power and perspective to give to any local economy.

The real mission here is to fall to FairCoop and its constituents. The line and percussion it develops are very closely related to Mahmur. The cooperative system we want to develop here is a step in this. The strong and healthy step of this step will ensure that success is achieved by developing a cooperative chain in the direction of FairCoop networks.

The project

We as BaŞûr Local Node want to spend the life of this project. In this matter, your spiritual and material support is important. Because of the crises here, we sometimes lose our online connections with our friends, but we keep our work. Because it is Iraq in question, we will also face these disadvantages. We believe in your seriousness and volunteerism in this matter, and we wish you continued success.

On the other hand, if we attempt to do with our own financial resources we can, of course, open a small place with a very narrow budget. Most of our members are refugees and they do not have the funds to be held by hand. For that reason, your spiritual support, especially the financial support of FairCoop for the first stages —or the donation— is very important. There is not much in the way of this kind of help-credit, support, donation —we have not much idea. Because we want to open a medium-sized farm here, and with this method there can be one income. This is because there is an autonomous form of government, which is supporting establishing cooperatives, but of course it cannot do so in terms of material, because there is no opportunity. Because of that, friends, circles and our FairCoop networks that manage, develop and support these projects around the world can take some steps in this matter as well.

This issue has obligations to FairCoop networks and all its associated activities, and we strongly believe that. Accordingly, our project is briefly described below.

Materials needed

The place will be prepared for 2000 chickens, upgradable to 5000 chickens.

Total cost of the project (approx.) 34250 USD

On ecological conditions and methods


The farm will be managed by a cooperative. Decisions will be made by consensus in a regular assembly of the members.

Name: Kanî Xezal

Requirement for membership is contribution of a minimum of 1 share as social capital, retrievable when the member leaves the cooperative.

The price of one share is 10 US$. For founding the coop, a minimum of 3425 shares is needed.

The eggs will be exchanged for faircoin or Iraqi dinar to local communes and families. Excess production will be sold in Mexmur city or Hewler.

Estimated monthly income (US$)

Estimated monthly expenses (US$)

Benefit (US$)

Total monthly benefit = 2816

Benefit will be distributed as follows:

Alternative funding options

BASHUR LN FairCoin Address: fL6Vpvb8QaSt9kvrMZKLos62ZqW8mPqXWk

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Requirement for membership is contribution of a minimum of 1 share as social capital, retrievable when the member leaves the cooperative.

The price of one share is 10 US$. For founding the coop, a minimum of 3425 shares is needed.

All members are entitled to receive their part of their benefit, and to participate in the General Assembly.

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Reserved shares


Sebastian Gampe200
Cegerxwin Kara30
Zana Azad25
Ola Jönsson10
Tu' madre10
Aras Daloki10
Botan Goyi10
Serdar Unver10
Mehmet Unver10
sami 5
Dimitris K5
Alex Last3


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